I may be blind but my inner vision can connect you with those who have died.

As an evidential medium, I am able to give factual evidence of proof of survival in intricate detail.

One to one readings

This is an opportunity for a very profound and personal experience where I can connect you to someone who has died who you would like a message from. One to one readings are often the most in-depth and revealing experiences.

You can hear messages coming to me from the spirit world about your loved ones who have died. For some people, this can be a very emotive experience but often a very positive and powerful one.

Psychic group readings

Some people feel more comfortable having a reading in the comfort of their own home with family and friends present.

This can be an enjoyable and fun event where I can either offer private individual readings or a small group demonstration for up to eight people.


I am a qualified spiritual healer and my credentials have been obtained through the Spiritualist
National Union and Sussex Healers Association. Whilst I do not prescribe or diagnose, I act as a
channel to activate the natural healing powers of the body. This is achieved through tuning into spirit and channelling energy to heal someone with particular health related issues.

This is contact healing which means I place my hands on your shoulders. I appreciate that some people are averse
to touch and in those instances, I can do this from a distance using specific approaches to achieve the same desired goal.

I also work alongside psychic surgeon John Collins for more in-depth healing.

Public demonstrations

Relaying messages from the spirit world to large audiences provides evidence and proof of my ability.

Being blind does not afford me with the ability to see who is in the audience nor their body language.

I am therefore, solely reliant on spirit to give me the information as it relates to specific people in the audience. Hearing really is believing!


I facilitate development circles to teach others how to connect to the spirit world to refine their own abilities to develop mediumship skills.

I also offer weekend retreats and workshops in selected venues across Sussex.

'During my readings with Louise I have been amazed and very impressed with the spot-on evidence which she has given me, proving to me that there must be an afterlife. Some of the information I have received from her was very specific and only known to myself and I was astounded at the fine detail'.


‘You’ve got to hear it to believe it’