What is a public demonstration and what can you expect by attending one?

Louise EatonWhen I give a public demonstration, this involves me standing on a platform or stage in a large hall or auditorium in front of a seated audience giving messages that come to me from ‘spirit’ – those who have died and moved into the spirit realm. Since I am blind, I always have someone on the platform with me to provide assistance and of course, my guide dog, Bill who is always by my side. As I am being directed by spirit, I don’t really ever know what to expect and I certainly don’t know who will come through or what message they wish to give and to whom it is intended. It is therefore, important for me to build positive energy before I reach the platform and maintain this throughout the demonstration. And I can only sustain the positive energy if I receive positive energy from the audience so a mutual respect of the collective thoughts, feelings and experience is crucial. 

There is always a mixture of people who attend my demonstrations. Some attend feeling excited, others nervous and ambivalent and some even fearful. There are always the sceptics who are usually dragged along by someone in need of moral support or with a hope to shift their way of thinking. Some people attend with huge expectations, and these are usually people who are searching for closure and a fervent hope that their deceased loved one/s will come through with a message just for them. With such mixed energy, my role is to acknowledge, accept and embrace it all. 

Some key advice to anyone considering attending a public demonstration; 

  1. Respect the shared experience. It is important that you accept and respect other people’s lived experiences, however they might differ to your own.
  2. If you are hoping to receive a message from someone you know who has passed, but another person who has passed that you knew comes through, if you feel comfortable to, do accept that message because often, their role is to bring through the person you initially hoped to hear from. So do keep an open mind to whoever comes through because whatever message is given, is important.If you get a message that resonates with you, I will always ask your permission before proceeding, out of curtesy. If you do not want to accept it, please speak up and acknowledge the message but tell me that you do not want to accept it. It takes a lot of energy for spirit to come through so an acknowledgement at the very least is helpful so I can move on to another message for someone else. The public demonstration is a 3-way communication between me as the channel, spirit world and the audience so we all have a part to play. 

Receiving and hearing messages for others can be an emotional experience so it is important for me to lift the mood and I do this with my humour and usually telling very bad jokes in between readings. It is important to me that the audience has confidence in me, so it is my job to help them connect with me as a person first and foremost. The experience of attending a public demonstration is about sharing in the presence of spirit.

Expect to be touched by what messages spirit sends, and it is ok to feel any emotion that you might. What I have found in my experience of doing public demonstrations for more than 20 years, is often when people feel a sense of shock, disbelief, and sometimes even denial, as the evening progresses and the evidence is presented, their emotional state shifts towards feeling reassured, connected and often with a sense of closure which can be incredibly powerful.  

If you do attend one of my public demonstrations and you receive a message from spirit, please see this is as a real privilege and one that can feel both unique and surreal. Do attend with an open mind and without any expectations. Be yourself, and if you are still sceptical at the end of the demonstration, that’s ok too, at least you would have had a different night out!