Being psychic is being able to tap into energy. It’s about being able to pick up on people’s auric fields and things about their past, present and future and their life. It’s being able to connect to another person’s frequency.

Imagine energy being a bit like a radio. You have to tune into a certain
frequency or vibration which emanates from the other person in order to ‘read’ them.

Being a medium is completely different to being psychic. Mediumship happens when spirit lowers their vibration and the medium raises their vibration to meet somewhere in the middle.

The place in the middle is the ‘medium’ because it’s like the middle place of connecting to the vibrational plane.

It’s raising your energy to a higher level to connect with spirit. Not everyone has the ability to do this. True mediums are usually born with this ability and that means they have experiences from childhood where they are able to connect with spirit.

Being a medium is great because it means you can connect people to their loved ones who have died to provide evidence of survival.

It can feel very powerful to be in a position of proving that loved ones are ok and that life continues. I believe that we never really die, we live on and our loved ones are only a thought away.