Yes I would share the information but I wouldn’t give lots of detail. If I know that someone died through suicide for example, I tend to feel it in my throat. I would share this in an appropriate way.

It is important for me to gauge the person. Sometimes, people see me for a reading because they need to know what happened and why the person took their life. Sometimes they need answers, sometimes they just need closure.

It depends on what information spirit chooses to share. If they go into great detail about the circumstances and cause of their death, I would accept it from the spirit person but I would use my sensitivity to decide how much detail to share to the recipient from the communicator.

It is important for me to just gauge the situation and the person receiving the information and be sensitive and respectful to that.

If it’s a private reading and it has been a sensitive passing, I might share more information. If the reading is being given in public in front of a large audience, I would be more sensitive and careful about how much information and detail I would share. If I receive a message of this nature, there are likely to be others in the audience who may have had a similar experience and they may not want to hear a message of this nature. For example, I had an experience recently where I received information that the person died from a drug overdose. The information I shared in order for someone in the audience to recognise the person I was speaking about, was just that drugs were involved in that person’s death and that was enough.

It is important for me to be subtle in this respect of portraying the message in the right way so it reaches the person respectfully.

It’s a 3-way respect between the medium, the communicator and the recipient.